Mananthavady Norbertine community in abroad consists of 22 priests and two brothers. They are in different places such as Germany, Austria, Belgium and New Mexico. The Mananthavady Norbertine Community in Germany comprised of sixteen priests and two theology students. Eleven confreres are working in the diocese of Augsburg, four in the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart and one in the Abbey of Harmborn. Two juniors continue their theological studies in the Diocese of Trier.

Though the confreres work independently in the parishes as parish priests and assistant parish priests and live alone, the community life to a great extent is fostered through regular monthly meetings. Annual retreat and picnic are the occasions to foster the community life. In spite of all busy schedules and assignments the confreres find time for the community gatherings. Occasional visits of Rev. Fr. Jose Anthanatt, Prelate of the Canonry of Mananthavady encourages the confreres working in Germany and other places.

Three of the confreres are working in Santa Maria de le Vid Priory at New Mexico and one confrere is working as Chaplin at Boston in America. Once in every month, the members of the Norbertine Community withdraw from their ministries and spend the day together, celebrating the Eucharist, meditation on the scriptures, discussing topics relevant to the common life, sharing the experiences of our ministries and enjoying each others company.